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Synthesizer Manuals: Philip Rees

Philip Rees was an experienced electronic and computer engineer with his own home recording studio, and a long standing love of synths and stuff. In 1986, he designed a MIDI patchbay with five inputs and five outputs, called the 5X5. This was our first product, which we started making and selling at the end of the same year.

In 1987 we introduced our range of MIDI Thru Units, and in the following year we started making MIDI Merge and Selector units. These products allowed us to grow a substantial international distributor network, into which we could introduce new products. Over the next ten years, we regularly brought out new music-making devices including the TS1 MIDI Tape Sync Unit in 1994. In the summer of 2000, we launched our C16 MIDI Control Unit.

In 2002 we started to shift the focus of the business to building specialist computers. In May 2005, we discontinued our range of MIDI accessories, in order to concentrate all our efforts on the PC building activity. In July 2005, Computer Music magazine called one of our advanced studio machines "the quietest, best-designed PC we've ever seen, period"

In December 2006, Phil Rees Music Tech Ltd. ceased trading.

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Synthesizer Manuals: Philip Rees
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